Your Eastcote Chamber of Commerce…

The Eastcote Chamber of Commerce was originally formed in 1937 and then ceased for a while.  In 2014 the Eastcote Chamber of Commerce was re-formed and now consists of 10 Committee members from the businesses in Eastcote.   We Work in partnership with local business support groups to provide access to a variety of networking events and seminars and to keep members abreast of key local planning and inward investment programmes.  We give businesses a chance to promote and raise the profile of their business and to help them achieve more.  The committee members are:

  • Carole Paterson – Chair
  • Dominique Brione – Vice Chair
  • Geoff Brown – Vice Chair
  • Ryan Clement – Vice Chair
  • Ginette Meade – Treasurer
  • Jackie-Lynn Bowden – Secretary
  • Robin Thomas – Committee Member
  • Jayson Jerrom – Committee Member
  • Paul Arora – Committee Member
  • Varsha Khatri – Committee Member
  • Councillor Catherine Dann
  • Councillor Nick Denys
  • Councillor Becky Haggar are the Eastcote and East Ruislip Ward Councillors
  • Councillor Edward Lavery
  • Councillor Michael White
  • Councillor Teji Barnes are the Cavendish Ward Councillors